The Paintings of George Inness, Jr

Normally, our church is the proud home of George Inness, Jr.'s paintings. Our collection covers a span from paintings of old Florida to more formal works that hung in the Louvre for thirty years. George, Jr. grew up in the shadow of his father's art work. George, Sr. was considered the first great American landscape artist. George, Jr., with the support of his wife, Julia, came into his own after his beloved father's death. The paintings show our artist's love of nature and spirituality. The noted Inness greens come to life in our sanctuary.

This is the largest single collection of George Inness Jr.'s paintings. For more information on the work of Mr. Inness click HERE.

Because of our sink hole issues the paintings are temporarily in protective storage and are not available for vewing right now.  This is only a temporary situation and the paintings will be available for viewing in the future as opportunities ariise. We are unable to use our sanctuary until sinkhole remediation is completed. We do not have a date for this yet. Until we reopen the sanctuary the paintings are secure in climate controlled storage in another city and are not available for viewing. We will definitely let residents of Tarpon Springs and surrounding communities know when they are available for tours once more. We appreciate your interest in these wonderful works of fine art, but sinkhole remediation is a complex business with negotiations every step of the way.
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