The Social Justice Council - is a large committee working to make our community a better place for everyone, especially disadvantaged neighbors who surround us but whom we may not “see” on a daily basis. Social Action is a pillar of the UU faith and this congregation, and much work has occurred over the last 12 months to lay a foundation for meaningful work in the years ahead. Now it is time for action.  It will take a lot of us to make SJC a productive and meaningful group we will all be proud of. Please sign up today and prepare to roll up your sleeves. Some projects will need funding, so financial support is also welcome. Change is coming.

Worship Committee – these folks work year round to plan our Sunday Services, book speakers, musicians, etc. and make sure every program focuses on spiritual growth. Their work is very important and they amaze us weekly.

Hospitality Committee – Following Sunday Service we gather for coffee or tea, sweets and savory treats, but also for great conversations with members and visitors alike - but that’s only the beginning! Hospitality also coordinates every Pot Luck Dinner, Thanksgiving Feast, Passover Seder, etc. Many hands make light work – so if you like to entertain and work with fun folks, please volunteer.

Fund Raising Committee – This group would love to have your creative ideas and helping hands to design, promote and implement effective fund raising events – we want our neighbors to know who we are. This is a difficult task now with the sanctuary off limits and Inness paintings in storage, but the quilters work tirelessly every week producing amazing items, food is always good for fundraising, and since the sinkholes have resulted in some “publicity” maybe we can capitalize on that, too. Put on your thinking cap and help us out!

Communication Committee – This group oversees day-to-day communication at UUCTS including The Quill, the monthly newsletter you’re reading, Weekly E-nUUs - a digest of meetings and other events for the week, the UUCTS website at, Facebook at, and responding to web inquires. It may not seem like a lot, but believe me… it takes a village to get the news out. If you enjoy Facebook, IT, editing, marketing or public relations, please step forward – there is a lot to do. We need your skills plus you can work from home!

Membership Committee – makes sure potential new members coming to UUCTS have the materials and info they need to make an informed choice about Unitarian Universalism.

Inness Committee – We are banished from our sanctuary and the Inness Paintings are in storage, so you might think the committee that oversees things Inness is not needed now – but there is a lot of work that can be done in preparation for the return of this wonderful artwork, and proper planning will make their return even sweeter.  Docent training/refresher course will be scheduled when we have a return date for the paintings.

Caring Committee – This wonderful group continues to do a wonderful job offering comfort and compassion to our members and friends who let us know they are in need of our support. There are some new projects in the planning stage that will require many hands so our church family can respond quickly when called on to deal with emergencies or medical issues. If you can help collect and organize data, please step forward to lend a helping hand.

Children's Religious Education Committee – This new committee was recently authorized by the Board of Trustees and is just beginning to collect material from the UUA and other sources and to develop an action plan. The general goal will be to provide an open-minded approach to spirituality.

The Quilters – This group isn’t a committee, but they sure do produce some wonderful quilts and other useful items. Their wares have been shipped around the globe, and a lot of us have a stash at our own homes. On Tuesday, Nov 11th the Quilters will begin using the Fellowship Hall at CotB as a home away from home. If you have never quilted in your life, you are a perfect candidate to join the group – trust me, they will teach you everything you need to know. It is fun and creative, plus lunch is always yummy!

Volunteers are welcome – see a Board Member


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