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UUCTS Campus Restoration – See the latest photos of the UUCTS campus – from sinkholes to the restoration of our sanctuary so far. To visit UUCTS on Facebook, just click HERE . See the process unfold and stay up-to-date. To post a picture, video or message – just email the photo/s with your suggested caption to tarponuu@hotmail.com.


They say she is a beauty - dark, sinuous and alluring. But dangerous? I don't think so. We only saw two alligators and they were swimming away from us. The Hillsborough River is full of surprises, like hidden logs and birds darting away in flight. We saw anhinga, stork, ibis, eagle, osprey, white egrets, ibis, herons, a spoonbill and unidentified others. We heard the raucous calls of the fish crow and the hammering of the pileated woodpecker. There is a certain mystery here that calls out to the wild in you, urging you to go on, even as the sky darkens and the rain clouds gather.

So, if you yearn for adventure, consider becoming a UU Kayaker... Our Tarpon Springs group is small but committed. Beginner? Start with our less experienced group and call Marti Kardinal - 727- 939-9254.


Did you know UUCTS now has an Instagram account? Yep – Cathy Lawson and her daughter Katrina Mercado launched it for us. If you already have an Instagram Account, you can visit & follow us at “uuchurchtarponsprings.” Simply use the search function to find our page, select it and select follow. If you have photos that you would like posted to our Instagram page please send them to Cathy at cmlawson43@yahoo.com.You may also want to follow the UUA's page Unitarian_Universalist. If you do not have an Instagram account yet, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions to get you going next month..


Tarpon Springs will be receiving a very special community development grant entitled Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC). The funding to be administered by The Philadelphia Health Federation comes from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The California Endowment. It will enable us, along with thirteen other communities from across the nation, to create environments that foster resilience and lessen the impacts of life’s harshest adversities.  As a congregation we may take pride and take part.

Take pride in this happening because Tarpon Springs earned the esteem of national sources. They saw through the vision of Peace4Tarpon the compassion and courage to tackle the tough challenges that surround emotional trauma and toxic stress. Our congregation has been a mainstay contributor to Peace4Tarpon and other humanizing forces in our community.

I hope you’ll consider taking part when opportunities arise over the 2-year lifespan of funding and beyond. A multi-sector network led by Peace4Tarpon and the Tarpon Springs Housing Authority is right now putting together plans for next steps. I’ll be happy to answer any questions and will keep you up to date as things progress. For more information you may visit the Peace4Tarpon Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Peace4Tarpon or The Philadelphia Health Federation announcement http://www.healthfederation.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/HFP_MARC-PressRelease_2015-10-29-1.pdf Mark Hopkins, email mvhjax@gmail.com cell phone 904.629.0722r


We are looking for people to join us in “making  a joyful noise” during our worship services. What makes a worship  service transcendent is sometimes not the spoken word, but rather the music that moves us. So be a part of that transcendence. Our director, Bonnie Whitehurst has a wide repertoire, and you know she’s got some fun up her sleeves. For more information, contact Bonnie or Kathy Stevens.


UUCTS continues to support The Shepherd Center through donations of canned food, and used clothing or household items. Please deposit donations in the bin marked Shepherd Center or consider putting a dollar in the box. Monies are donated to buy canned goods for The Shepherd Center food pantry.

The Shepherd Center News:
• June 1st we welcomed our new Executive Director, Ada Torres-Del Gais. Ada came to us from Gainesville, FL and is the former CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Florida.

• Our New Beginnings Capital Campaign has a goal is $500,000. This will give us enough money for  the down payment to purchase the building we currently lease. After 40 years of serving the poor in our community we are excited to be working towards having a permanent home for The Shepherd Center.

• The Thrift Store has a super Summer Sale on clothing right now and, we always have tons of other great items that can be purchased at discounted prices 7 days a week!

• Our Grand Opening of the Community Enrichment Center will be July 1st
, 4-6 p.m. See below for info on everything we are doing for that special occasion.

• We are having an Oldies Dinner Dance on Saturday, July 11th. Tickets are only $25. Also that evening, we will raffle off great prizes and the Grand Prize is a 1978 Corvette! Winner of the Grand Prize need not be present to win. A suggested $50 donation is all that is needed for a chance to win! See www.tscenter.org for more info.

− The Shepherd Center Staff, 727-939-1400 


Caring Team is a network of volunteers that exists to lend a helping hand to the members and friends of Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs in times of illness, medical emergency, birth, bereavement, or other life transitions in close coordination with the minister. Our goal is to develop and maintain a mechanism to get parish members involved in providing assistance; and attention and help to members who would appreciate these services.

You can SHARE THE CARE by (1) joining the team, (2) letting us know of specific tasks that you are able to fulfill (3) letting us know of someone who needs care.

Mark Turley - marktheword68@gmail.com, Penny Boyd - pboyd305@hotmail.com,
Alice Donovan - androsnurse@gmail.com,
Linda Gradual - uuzen@tampabay.rr.com, Linda Routhier – sarouthier@gmail.com
Church office - tarponuu@hotmail.com Minister - donaldlrollins@gmail.com

Add your name to our lists of volunteers; you may sign up for Meals, Transportation, Elder Visits, or
Miscellaneous Jobs.


UUnique Quilters Donate More than 100 Quilts this Year!
Being dislocated for months has not slowed the production of charity quilts by our devoted quilters. When Michael Herrera, Executive Director of the Shepherd Center, came to church recently to talk about the work of this Tarpon Springs social agency, he was presented with a second donation of 20 quilts this year, along with cash and canned goods from the congregation. Being at the Crystal Beach Community Center most Tuesdays has increased the quilter’s visibility and outreach opportunities in the community. That’s a good thing.


It is our practice to set aside some time during many of our services to share our joys and concerns. This tradition is an integral part of UU worship services across the country. It is a time for members and friends to share the significant events in our lives: births and deaths, reunions and farewells, love and grief. All are welcome to share their joys and concerns, and place a stone in our bowl of remembrance. When you participate in this, you are doing more than making an announcement. You are asking each person in the congregation for their spiritual and emotional support. Please be mindful of this sacred time, and use it gently. Thank you. The Worship Committee


Want a Fancier Name Badge Holder?
Got an ordinary name badge, and long for something that expresses your individuality? No longer want pin holes in your blouse or shirt? See Marti Cardinal or Barbara Rosen for your choice of holders for $2 or give us your beads, perhaps from a broken necklace, and we will custom make a badge holder for you. The Membership Committee.


It is hard to go unnoticed in a crowd when we are all wearing our goldenrod-colored church tee shirts. And, isn’t that the point? Michael Johnson will be collecting your money, $15 for small, medium or large sizes, and $20 for X large shirts. Don’t be left unnoticed – buy and wear your church shirt. There is a sign-up sheet in the Social Hall if you don’t see Michael.


The Book Discussion Group has been meeting at the Tarpon Springs Library since the sinkhole. They do not charge a fee. As a way of saying “Thank You” consider bringing in old CD's, DVD's, VHS tapes and books to the library as donations for their semi-annual book sale or library circulation. If the library cannot add them to their collection, they place them in the Friends of the Library used book sale area. You may even find some items to replace those you donated!  So, if you have any of the above, collecting dust in your home, please consider donating them for this purpose. You can give them to Irene Prosser or just bring them to the library and say that it's from our church.


There are DVDs in the Inman Room on the bottom shelf of the bookcase on the east wall. A sign-out/sign-in sheet is located in the same container as the DVDs. Because these are high definition format videos they may not play directly on your DVD player unless it is of reasonably recent vintage. The DVDs also should readily play on your computer. If you have trouble with viewing the DVD please let Greg Rosasco know and he will look for an alternative for you.

The list of available DVDs includes:

1. Ethel Fritts, January 2012 Wisdom-keeper
2. Bill Gladwin, February 2012, Wisdom-keeper
3. Sally O’Brien, March 2012, Wisdom-keeper
4. Ed Erickson, April 2012, Wisdom-keeper
5. Janeth Clark, May 2012, Wisdom-keeper


View a video from the series titled “Renewal:  Stories from America’s Religious-Environmental Movement” (segments are 10-17 minutes)www.renewalproject.net


View a half-hour video from a series organized around a new alphabet of 26 qualities of mind and heart important for practicing spirituality in everyday life. http://www.spiritualityandpractice.com/spiritualliteracy/


Nothing Gold Can Stay By Mark Belletini  In twenty-two simple yet profound reflections, seasoned minister Mark Belletini explores the many and varied forms of grief. His honest, poetic essays serve as a prism, revealing the distinct colors and manifestations of grief in our lives.

He addresses the way we respond to loss of people in our lives, loss of love, loss of focus, and loss of the familiar - understanding that grief is as much a part of our lives as our breathing. Belletini uses specific, personal stories to open up to the universal experience. Nothing Gold Can Stay is a gift of awareness, showing how the shades of grief serve our deepest needs. Copies available at UUA Bookstore


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