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The emergency response to Hurricane Irma continues. If you can help with assistance to our church members and friends, please contact Alice Donovan and the Caring Committee at 727-505-7889 or email HERE


If you want to help with community programs, please contact Cathy Lawson and the Social Justice Council, email: Cathy Lawson. If you want to be involved with national and regional projects for the Unitarian Universalist Association, please contact Rev. Bob Murphy, 727-942-7316 or 



Hope you can take 3 minutes to enjoy a beautiful presentation about the Unitarian Universalist journey. It is modern, beautiful graphics; It is so beautiful. We are Unitarian Universalists, people of many backgrounds who have different beliefs, but shared values. Together, we offer a guided path towards a better you and a better world. Get to know us in this short animated video.   CLICK VIEW UU VIDEO ABOVE

The parsonage is now known as the Business Offices. The offices are located at 57 Read St. Construction to repair sinkhole damage has been completed.  As promised, info about the Declaration of Human Rights is posted in the building and available just by asking. Many thanks to all volunteers who helped with planning, cleaning, and moving activities, in order to reestablish our church headquarters. Your support is much appreciated.

Rev. Bob Murphy’s OFFICE HOURS at  Church Offices, 57 Read Street,  Tues, Wed, Thur from 9:30am – 1pm . Please contact Rev. Murphy for an appointment or assistance at  727-942-7316 or .


For Details See Our  Full Calendar or the Activities Page 

Tues. 10am - 3pm Quilting at Church on the Bayou
  2pm – 3:30pm Building Committee at UUCTS Offices
Wed. 10am – 12pm News-n-Views at UUCTS Offices
  12pm – 2pm Writer’s Group
  7pm – 8:30pm Buddhist Meditation at UUCTS Offices
Thurs. 4:45 – 6pm Choir Rehearsal at Bonnie Whitehurst’s
  5pm – 6pm TOPS at UUCTS Offices


UUCTS Campus Restoration – See the latest photos of the UUCTS campus – from sinkholes to the restoration of our sanctuary so far. To visit UUCTS on Facebook, just click HERE . See the process unfold and stay up-to-date. To post a picture, video or message – just email the photo/s with your suggested caption to

Until further notice, our temporary home for Sunday services (10:30 AM)  and after service activities will be the Community Center at 400 South Walton Avenue here in Tarpon Springs.
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We are sorry the church is closed for sinkhole repair. The paintings are not available for viewing since the exhibit at LRMA is over, but they will return to a beautiful new home when sinkhole remediation AND rehabilitation of the historic sanctuary is complete. Thank you for checking back regularly.”

OCTOBER 1st: "Thanksgiving Day”
OCTOBER 8th: "Solidarity Sunday"
OCTOBER 15th: "Healing and Health Care"
OCTOBER 22nd: “Doing Theology from the Underside”
OCTOBER 29th: "Reformation 500"
STORMS 1918 - 2018
A sanctuary is a place of refuge. In 1918, a major storm damaged our sanctuary. George Inness, Jr., prepared beautiful paintings to cover our broken windows. We care for individuals and we help to heal the community during storms and other emergencies. We're preparing for the 2018 Inness anniversary.
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